Saturday, August 22, 2009

Signs of Life

Day 52...

Our friends David and Lynn were instrumental in starting up Charlotte Tailgate Market. To be more accurate, Lynn had much more to do with it than David - ;-).

This is a farmer's market which focuses on locally grown items, where nothing is from more than a 50 mile radius from Charlotte. Lots of organic stuff, lots of free range meats, people who farm in alternative ways. Very good stuff. We enjoyed it.

Some snaps....

^ Lemonade with chopped mint floating in it. Mmmmmm.

^ Tara catching up with David and Lynn, vendors in the background.

^ More vendors, some skyline in the background.

^ This is Charlotte's "South End", a bit of painting on the buildings. I believe this place is a burrito shop - Phat Burrito.

^ Overall, a nice visit to a little corner of eclectia - and some good items. We'll definitely return.