Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I want a yurt

Day 48...

This process of repatriation indeed opens one up to a series of feelings and observations. First, life here is definitely hectic for many folks - there seems to be the constant rush that we knew before. It has not gone.

Additionally, the abundance is absolutely amazing. There's stuff *everywhere*. This is a land of endless options, materially.

But what has really surprised us as we have opened those things which were here in a US warehouse for two years, as well as those things from India, is.... "how'd we get all this stuff".

While in India, we developed the illusion that we had simplified our material schema. We sold our couches, a table or two, and various other things. But now.... we realize that we have an amazing amount of *stuff*.

As Tara unpacked a box the other evening, after I returned from work, she looked up and said, "I need to have a tag sale." It is now scheduled for the 12 of September. Now some other folks can get a slice of our stuff and make it theirs.

It seems that a major part of Tara's existence in this country was intended to answer the question - "How many different ways can you display candles?" We have more candle holders than any one family should have. Tall ones, short ones, one shaped like a reindeer for Christmas, one of glass, four of wood..... and so on.

So, I want a yurt. This is the Mongolian tent that is spacious and mobile. It can be packed up, put on the back of a pony and brought to another part of the Mongolian steppe at any time. It contains a hole in the roof for the fire's smoke to escape, might have a few carpets strung to and fro..... and that is it. Perhaps a TV in a very modern set-up.

But, until I get my yurt, I will return from the office to see my love struggling mightily under the weight of our material girth. And I will cover the tag sale on the twelfth right here - on CameronsinIndia.