Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Reddy Weddy

"Reddy" is a clan/caste/community in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. They appear to be a relatively well-established group that has some resources at their disposal. My colleague at the Bank is a member of this community, he invited us to our first wedding. Our neighbor across the street is also a Reddy. They invited us to their daughter's wedding (as seen here). Both were beautiful events.

^ Here is a panorama of the wedding hall, which is the ballroom at the Novotel Hotel here in Hyd. As you can see, it's a big place.

^ Ready, set, eat! Competing with more than 1,000 Indians for a meal is a unique event, everyone should experience it before they die. The main theme is - don't sweat the lack of a line *anywhere*. This meal happened while the wedding was still going on.

^ It was a bit odd, the whole front row was occupied by coconuts. Everyone kept going up to the coconuts and saying how beautiful the wedding was and thanks for inviting us, etc. I didn't really get this.

^ Andrea's hands with mahendi.

^ Tara and Nia and Andrea.

^ Rice goes on the head of the newly weds. They are moving the DC soon....

^ Everyone's kids looked great. Even Liam, who wore Indian garb. We did not see him much, as he lurked around the mirchi biryani all night.

^ We and the Webbs.

^ Came home from the wedding, and here is the house across from us - the celebrants home. Bright, shiny home!

It was great, we really enjoyed it. And... we're not done yet. More pictures to come soon.