Saturday, March 8, 2008


^ The drive out to ICRISAT was interesting, as always. Check out this guy, transporting corn via a bike. Akbar (driver) said he believes the guy would probably be going about fifteen miles like that.

If you click on the enlargement, you'll see a political poster across the streets.

^ Then we went to the pool. They had sprinklers on and egrets congregated in the spray. They are amazing birds.

^ Our van has a DVD player, so the usual suspects of drivers watched movies through the back of the van during the afternoon. I think Akbar hits them up for a few rupees. ;-)

^ Liam's school.

^ Then I walked down a street on the ICRISAT property. It was an interesting neighborhood, mostly inhabited by scientists who are there to help with crop research. Notice that on the white vehicle that the license plate is a "UN" plate. Hmmm.... Didn't know they had a jurisdiction.

Some of the homes had fantastic plant life, as well. I really liked the creeping vines on the one house, check them out.

Just a nice day out at the farm.....