Friday, March 21, 2008

Left my shoes in Malibu

I got rid of a pair of shoes today. There were several issues with them. First, they were getting a bit beat up, and there is nowhere to have your shoes polished in India. Secondly, the bottom of them has been worn smooth, and every surface in our life in India is marble - so several times these shoes have almost killed me. Additionally, monsoon is coming and these shoes almost guarantee a broken arm if I continued to use them. Finally, this makes my luggage lighter and gives me more room to bring back the various items I have for the family.

Also - I felt a strange need to leave something behind here. So, these shoes were left at Malibu today.

Now, I could imagine Brad Pitt picking them up and deciding they should accompany him around the world, or I could imagine a homeless guy finding them when he is in need and using them, or I could imagine Saul Abramowitz, media mogul, would find them while taking a pensive walk along the beach after a recent chapter in Potok's "The Chosen" made him feel his mortality, or any number of scenarios. But that is all speculation. I'll never know.

Let's just hope someone enjoys them.