Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's sort of like...

...a Bigfoot sighting.

Here's a picture of me at work, on the blog. Doesn't happen much.

I think the Bank likes it that way, an assumption, so I keep the blog entirely personal. Which promotes the idea that I am in India being observant and not working.

Au contraire!

This week I spent time in Mumbai and Chennai working with the associates of another company that we have acquired to learn more about the company that I, and now they, work for. 1,200 people and 8 three-hour sessions later I feel extremely gratified to have made such a difference in bridging the gap between our two companies. I had great help from fantastic colleagues this week, as well.

Honestly, this "engage the hearts and minds" stuff isn't the stuff that local managers get entirely enthusiastic about, but it is what makes me excited and I think I really have a knack for it. I am at my best in front of crowds with a need that I can help meet.

So, without further details - keeping largely intact the idea that this blog shouldn't be about work, I'll just say I had a great week!