Thursday, April 23, 2009

Farwell speech

I have learned Hindi pretty well at this point and I had always intended to give my farewell speech in Hindi. Tomorrow night that happens, more than 1,000 people. Two weeks from now, it'll be in Mumbai in front of a similar crowd.

I may be able to get a film of the speech and post it. If not, there'll at least be pictures.

Here it is:

Pyaare doston – jaise ki aap sab log jante hai, is July mein hum America ko wapaas jaenge.

Agar meri ek anhkh ro rahi hain, to doosri hans rahi hai – ek taraf mere doston ko choDne ka gam hai, to ek taraf mere apno ko milne ki khushi.

Jab main peeche mur ke dekhta hoon, to wiswas nahi hota ki kitna kuch humne yahaan paya hai.

Meri patni Tara aur humare bacchon ka Hyderabad aur India ka yeh safar bahot yaadgar rahega.

Yeh do saal mein humari zindagi bilkul badal gayi. Jab hum India ko aaye the hum American citizens the, laikin ajkal hum log dunia ke shaheri hain, aur humare dil ka ek tukda is jagah mein rahega.

Mujhe umeed hai ki jab main yahaan kaam kar raha tha, maine cafi kuch badal diya.

Agar BACS, BACI aur MLITS ek saathe meri koshish ki wajah se kaam kar sakhenge, mujhe bahut garv hoga.

Main aapse vaada kartha hun ki aap sab log mere dil mein hamesha rahenge aur main asha kartha hun ki aap humko yaad karenge. Bahut bahut shukria. Jai ho!!

Translation (roughly - to know a second language is to know nothing really translates perfectly):

Dear friends - as you all know, we are going back to America in July.

If one eye is crying, then the other is laughing. On one side, we are sad to leave our friends, but on the other side we will be happy to see our families.

When I look backward, it's hard to believe all that we have experienced here.

For Tara and our children, they will always remember this journey in Hyderabad and India.

During these two years, our lives truly changed. When we came here, we were only American citizens, but now we are people of the whole world, and a bit of our hearts will always stay in this place.

I hope that when I was working here, I made some difference.

If BACS, BACI and MLITS will be able to work together because of my efforts, I will be very gratified.

I promise that all of you will be in my heart and I truly hope we will be remember. Thank you very, very much. Be victorious!