Wednesday, November 28, 2007

While the rest of you slept....

^ You may think from pictures such as this that I am nothing but a big cheerleader for the Bank here in India. In reality, it's the only part of my job that they photograph! And it's the only part that is fun to mention....

Here I am teaching a crowd of about 300 folks how to cheer with gusto.

As you can see from the people behind me, the predominant reaction to me when I do things like this is amusement, the second is bewilderment, and the young woman directly behind me is in the decided minority, she appears to be suffering a fool.

It was a loose and puffy shirt, I have actually lost weight over here. Mom, that was to head off any questions.


^ Then I divided a group of them into three and one third made a drum sound, one third made a guitar sound, and the remainder sang lyrics. It's a song Bhool Bulaiya, a huge hit here. It was a ball.