Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's hard to explain Divali (hard to spell it, as well).

We have never, ever seen this many explosions in one place. Extremely strong, and unbroken through a multi-day period, these explosions occur throughout the country. It was amazing. Here are some videos we took of a party we attended. An Australian family, an American family, an Indian family and a Norwegian family attended. We stayed on the roof of their place and watched the explosions all around us until we decided to contribute our own to the melee, as seen in the videos.

^ Then we went and visited the landlord and landlady. This is her Pooja room, set up as a place for Laxshmi, the goddess who they are trying to attract the attention of, as a place to please and have her stay the night. Take a close look, there are materials of all sorts on this alter.