Sunday, September 23, 2007

A fun afternoon

After church, we went out to ICRISAT to the barbeque event that the expat group was holding. A really fun time.

This group is like church in one main way. It is a gathering of people of various generations around a common goal - in this case, enjoyment. There are people in their sixties and seventies all the way down to babies.

Here are some shots of the boys. Liam has some girls who love him, they yelled his name and ran across a field to see him. Then they hung out.

Aidan manages to get candy if it is offered, so he was relentless in retrieving every scrap of sugar he could. His diet is not good.

Jonah kept putting rice all over his face. Dried rice, used to hide the candy in a bucket.

Tara was home resting off a stomach issue.

Here we are at the pool. I love how Europeans think speedos are acceptable for leisure swimming. I would have thought they would have gotten over that a generartion ago, or so.