Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mumbai event

Some pictures from the Mumbai Reward and Recognition Event. It was a success. The leadership team again danced and that was a great crowd-pleaser. It is a universal impulse to enjoy seeing the senior guys in an organization cut up a little.

I did not realize I would be doing a speech in Hindi up in Mumbai at this event, so I didn't have my "official speech" ready. Because of this, they got some extemporaneous speaking in Hindi, which I can do and be comprehensible.

^ The leadership team.

^ I was the center of one of the dances. This is my solo part before the rest of the dancers came out. The idea here is that I have eaten some bad paan.

^ From the movie "Don".

^ From my speech....The is when I said, "Do sal ke pehle, jab main India pahucha tha, main socha - mujhe Hindi sikhna chahiye....." The socha is why I was pointing to my mind.